life and death

Girl who ran

When I was in primary school, there was one girl who was a year older than me. She had a very small and thin body, and even though nobody explicitly explained to us, through the day-to-day school life, we all somehow understood that she had some underlying medical condition. There was a group of girls […]

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The last time I saw her

It was Friday during a breaktime at school. I was in Grade 8. I was washing my hands at a deserted sink in the corridor when a friend of mine came down the corridor with her very close friend and stopped by to greet me. Although I had never hung out with her much, I

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Westminster Abbey

When I was ten years old, my father took the family to London, England for ten days on his business trip. It was my first time to visit another country, and I was naturally very excited. Most days, my father was busy with his work, and my mother took me to different places during the

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