Round and Round Exercise

The summer when I was seven, I visited my great aunt’s house in Tokyo with my mother. It was a very hot day, and even though it was already evening when we arrived, the hot humid air was felt inside the house as well.

In the front room, both the TV and the fan were on. While my mother and great aunt chatted and attended dinner preparation in the kitchen, I stayed in the front room enjoying the wind coming from the fan.

While I sat there with wind on my face, I suddenly got inspired to walk around the round low table in the middle of the room. With the TV sound in the back, I started walking around the table, and slowly my speed increased. Before long, I was running around the low table, sweating and laughing.

“You are having fun!”

It was My great aunt. She came in to grab something, but her face lit up upon seeing me running and laughing.

“I’m doing an exercise!” I replied, without stopping my motion.

“An exercise?”

“Yes! It’s so much fun! You can join me if you want!”

This is where my mother would roll her eyes and leave the room. But to my delight, my great aunt seemed intrigued. She rolled up her sleeves and said to me.

“If it’s so much fun, then I should not miss it!”

The next moment, we were both running around the table, sweating and laughing.

“You were right!” said my great aunt as she ran. “This exercise is really fun! I should do it even when you are not here!”

“Yes, you should!”

After some time, my mother came and reminded us that it was time for me to take bath.

“Well, thank you for teaching me this exercise!” My great aunt said to me as we both came to a halt. “Oh, I feel energized after running with you!”

As I left the room to take bath, I felt so happy and proud that my great aunt tried my exercise and moreover liked it. She always knew how to make me feel seen and appreciated.