Story Photograph Session

Your memory made into a Story Book.
A forever keepsake for you and your loved ones.

Your Story Made into a Gift

If there’s a memory you treasure, there’s love to be shared.

Ever wished you had a better way to remember and share your memories with your loved ones? Memories that are now countless and occupy your mind whenever you are alone?

A memory of…

  • a place where you lived as a child,
  • the day your father took you to a movie for the first time,
  • your school trips and the fun you had with your best friends,
  • the day you met your husband for the first time,
  • the birth of your first child,
  • regular phone calls you used to have with your late mother,
  • a trip that you made with your daughter when she was a teenager,
  • the day your son became a father,…

You wish there was somebody who could really listen to your story. You wish this treasured memory could come out of your mind and be shared with your loved ones – your partner, your friends, your children, and your grandchildren.

What if I told you that right now, at this very moment, there is somebody who is eager to listen to your memory visit, and more than that, she will make your memory into a Story Book? A beautifully formatted story book that you can share with your loved one and keep forever?

In the Story Photograph Session Package, I will personally accompany your memory visit and make it into a Story Book that is written and designed especially for you.

Quality teatime conversation

Some of our dearest memories can only be told when we have somebody next to us who listens to us with open heart and genuine curiosity. In the Story Photograph Session Package, I will invite you to a one-on-one teatime conversation designed so that you can share your memories of your loved one in every emotional detail like never before.

Simple, beautiful, and emotional language

The Story Book will be written in a simple and clear English that everybody can understand. At the same time, the writing will be deeply emotional. It will capture the feelings and emotions associated with your memory.

Professionally formatted – like a real book!

The Story Book will be formatted using Atticus, a professional book formatting software which is used by many best-selling self-published authors. This means that your Story Book will look like a “real book” with a beautiful font and page design!

Your memory made into a Story Book

Content of the package

The Story Photograph Session Package includes:

  • 1 hour teatime conversation with Maiko (at a local coffee shop in Ottawa*) – the purpose of this teatime is to together explore your cherished memory in a safe and cozy space.
  • Your Story e-Book delivered to your email address (pdf file) – within 2 weeks from the teatime
  • A physical copy of your Story Book delivered to your mailing address

The length of your Story Book will range anywhere between 10-20 pages depending on the content of our teatime conversation.

*Options available:
Bridgehead at Fairmont 1024 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON
Bridgehead at Golden 440 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON
Remote option (virtual session) is available upon request. (Email:

What’s unique about this package

High Personal Touch

The most treasured memories of your life can only unfold in a place with care and understanding. In this Story Photograph Session Package, from the beginning to the end, I will personally accompany your journey with care.

In Memory Tea Chat, I will be there to listen to your story. Not like an interviewer, but more like your good friend, I will accompany your memory visit with genuine curiosity, an open heart and deep appreciation.

The Story Book will be written based on our teatime conversation. The formatting style (font and page design) will be chosen according to the tone of your story. Finally, the hardcopy of your Story Book will be printed by a professional print shop in Ottawa, then shipped to your mailing address.

Memory Tea Chat

Story Book That Captures the Heart of Your Memory

The Story Book you will get at the end of this journey is more than just a compilation of the stories you have told me during the teatime conversation. It will be a story that pulls together your feelings and emotions around your memory, what touched your heart, and what you treasure in that particular memory.

I will be your medium, who listens to you and weaves your stories into a single Story Book that captures the essence of your treasured memory with rich emotional details. After this journey together, you will walk away with a deeper sense of connection to the treasured moments of your life and the people you love in your life.

Heart of your treasured memory

Who this package is for

The Story Photograph Session Package is perfect for you if…

  • you have a memory you always cherish in your heart
  • you have a memory you want to be remembered by your loved ones
  • you love chatting over tea (or other hot drinks) with friends
  • you love reading books

The Story Photograph Session Package may NOT be a fit for you if…

  • you are not comfortable with the idea of a teatime conversation
  • you do not enjoy reading stories in general
  • you want your story to read like a novel, with a complex structure and a sophisticated literary language

How to get started: a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Book your Memory Tea Chat

Choose a day and a time for a one-hour teatime conversation (Memory Tea Chat) with me. Click on the button “Get Started” below to start your booking procedure.

Step 2: Memory Tea Chat

The Memory Tea Chat will be hosted at a local coffee shop in Ottawa (a few options available). We will chat for about an hour over tea.

The purpose of this teatime conversation is to together explore the memory you want to remember about a person or a thing that you cherish. We will go into as much detail as you desire. If there are specific things you want to talk about, you will be able to mention them in writing during the booking process, too.

Step 3: Story Book Delivery

After the Memory Tea Chat, I will sit with all that you have told me and weave them into a written story. Within two weeks, you will get your Story Book in a digital format (e-book) at your email address. You will have the chance to read it, and should you find any factual errors in the story, I will immediately apply the corrections and get back to you.

Once you are happy with the e-book version, I will prepare a hardcopy of your Story Book and ship it to your mailing address (to be asked at the end of the Story Teatime). Within about 10 days from the shipment, you will get a hardcopy of your Story Book in your own hands! The physical keepsake of your memory like no other!

Ready to start?

Click the button below to choose a day and a time for your Story Teatime. I cannot wait to sit with you over tea and accompany your one-of-the-kind memory visit!


Q. What is a Story Photograph?

A. The name “Story Photograph” refers to the Story Book you will get at the end of this journey that captures the essence of your treasured memory in a written story. Like a photograph, it can be kept and shared with your loved ones anytime you want to revisit the memory with them.

Q. How long does a Story Teatime take?

A. The time is set for one hour. The conversation typically takes between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. When the memory visit comes to a closure, we finish our conversation.

Q. What happens after I have a teatime conversation with you?

A. I will take all you have told me in our teatime conversation and weave them into a story book.

Q. How long will my Story Book be?

A. The length of the Story Book will depend on the content of our teatime conversation, but it will most likely fall anywhere between 10 and 20 pages.

Q. When will I receive my Story Book?

A. You will get the pdf version of your Story Book within 2 weeks from the Story Teatime at your email address. At that time, you will be able to read it and reply back to me about any errors. After revision, the hardcopy of your Story Book will be printed and shipped to your mailing address via Canada Post tracking mail service.

Q. I’m looking for a ghost writer to write my autobiography. Will this session package answer my wish?

A. Unfortunately, no. The Story Photograph Session is designed to capture the feelings and emotions around a collection of memories you had with your loved one. It is not meant to capture your entire life history.

Q. I want to make this Story Book a gift for somebody. What’s your thought?

A. Yes, absolutely! The Story Book (especially the hardcopy) makes a perfect gift for your loved one. Talk about some of your favourite memories you had with them, and later, when the Story Book is ready, enjoy reading it with them!