On Tuesday 23rd August 2022, my first women’s fiction novel Olive’s Diary: an unputdownable story about hope, loss and second chances became available on Amazon! If you are looking for an opportunity to reflect upon your life, memory of a loss, a relationship with somebody close to your heart, and emotions hidden deep down inside of you, then this story is for you.

The paperback version is also available!


Olive is a middle-aged widow living in a small rural city of Canada, who is a lover of good books, cappuccinos and croissants. Olive knows what she is good at and stays in her box. That’s how she has lived her entire life, and after the death of her husband Robert…it’s enough to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

A year since Robert’s death, Olive’s life looks, on the outside at least, absolutely fine. She lives in the same family house and works at the same local public library. But there is something she hasn’t shared with anyone – even with her good old friend Leila. Ever since her husband passed away, Olive has suffered a lack of self-trust and confidence. To make the matter worse, her step-daughter Lily stopped communicating with her over the past year.

Then quite unexpectedly, on the anniversary of Robert’s departure, something unexpected happens. She meets Maple, a young female mathematician at a local coffee shop – a stranger who helps her navigate one of the worst days of her life. What Olive does not realize is that she and her new friend are about to change her life forever…

My Self-Publishing Journey

I have chosen the path of self-publishing for my first book journey since I wanted to learn each step of the process myself. Even though I had dreamed of writing a book for years, I had never done that until a little more than a year ago. In May 2021, I finally decided to take the story idea I had had for a long time in my hands and make it into a book. That was the first step of my journey. But writing and publishing a book was a totally new thing for me, and I didn’t know where to start.

That’s when I stumbled upon a learning community called Self-Publishing School (SPS). In June 2021, I enrolled in the program called “Fundamentals of Fictions” and started my actual writing journey. From that day on, I started writing daily, and whenever I needed a guidance, I consulted the course material. I was also assigned a coach who kept track of my journey and held me accountable throughout the process.

With the help of this learning community, I was able to proceed step by step, completing my first draft and editing it, then finding and working with a wonderful professional editor and a great cover designer, editing more, and finally formatting it. I was able to proceed without any fear or uncertainty – and I think that’s really a big thing because when we don’t feel frightened or uncertain, we can make a lot of progress!

If you are also someone who has dreamed of writing and publishing a book, and if you want to try out the self-publishing journey, the Self-Publishing School is one place I can recommend with my full heart. Check out SPS blog post to help with your own writing & publishing journey!