September 2022

Halloween Pumpkin

It was the autumn when I was four years old and staying at my maternal grandmother’s place. There was an old hut next to her house where my grandmother used to keep her farming tools and store some vegetables from her vegetable garden. The hut was from the time before my mother was born, and […]

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The False Teeth

As long as I can remember, my maternal grandmother has worn false teeth. They weren’t just a few teeth, but a bunch of teeth. And my grandmother used to clean them with a brush every evening before bedtime. I was four years old when I first saw her false teeth. At the time, I was

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The Muffin: a culture shock

About ten years ago, I came to Canada for the first time on a year-long college exchange program. I had never lived in a foreign country before, and even though the language wasn’t too much of an obstacle (except the speaking part), I immensely struggled with some culture shock. The shock was usually around small

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Memory of my first college exam

When I was a first-year college student in Tokyo, my very first final exam was for the course titled “Introduction to Calculus”. As an enthusiastic new math major student, this was my favourite of all the courses I took in the first semester. I was so excited about the subject that I even bought a

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The first snow

In October 2018, I caught a really bad cold. With the outside temperature quickly dropping and my student life at university getting busier as the Fall semester reached its turning point, I didn’t take a good care of myself. One morning, I woke up with sore throat, high fever and no voice. As I got

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