April 2023


In this memory, I am five and my little brother is two. These days, my brother follows me around and likes to mimic whatever I do. When my mother calls us for a photoshoot, if I wince, my brother also winces. If I place my hand in front of my forehead with two fingers stretched […]

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The best moment of my day

One late afternoonI decide to go outTo a nearby coffee shop By bike My first bike ride of this yearI grab the key, the pumpAnd a brand-new S.O.S. padTo remove the rust on my bike It was last summerWhen two experienced cyclistsSaw the rust on my bikeAnd told me to use S.O.S. pad I walk

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Study time, change of mind

In this memory, my little brother is two years old. He has recently started having his own “study time” with our mother. The task is to complete a few mazes in a toddler workbook that my mother got from an educational program for young children. The first time he tried it, I heard, he did

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1, 2, 3… Smile!

(This story is a loose continuation from “An ancient wedding on the couch” posted two days ago.) One evening of early March, after early supper, my mother calls me and my little brother to the living room of our tiny half-dilapidated apartment. She has her camera in her hands. “Stand there, Sweeties,” she says and

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It comesAt firstLike somebody’s imaginationSound of birds’ singing I wonderIf I heard anythingOr perhapsIt was just my imagination Then it’s the sunlightCalling my attentionThe warmth of itEven in the midst of snow The day becomes longerThe snow recedesI find myself squintingUnder the bright sun It is no longer Quiet outsideGarden birds chirpingWild birds calling in

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An ancient wedding on the couch

In this memory, it is spring just before I turn six. On the couch inside our tiny half-dilapidated apartment is the decoration of traditional Japanese dolls to celebrate our March holiday hinamatsuri. These are expensive dolls that my grandmother bought us shortly after I was born, and they are usually carefully stored in a box

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Cherished Birthday Present

The spring I turned seven, my maternal grandmother came to visit us at our new house in the suburb to celebrate two things: my birthday and my first participation in the annual concert of the local music school I had recently started attending. I had been taking piano lessons at this school along with my

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Nonsense in the Car

I am five years old in this memory. On weekends, my family often drive to a large shopping mall in the outskirt of our town to buy something we cannot find in the neighbourhood stores. I love this drive because it is long enough to enjoy the scenery and the music from the car audio

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The Last Time I Saw You

It was a hot summer dayI went to see youThe last time I cameYou were still at homeI wore a pink shirt you bought meYears agoYou didn’t rememberBut when I told youI was wearing a shirtYou gave meYou saidHow grateful you wereThat I always rememberedHer gifts andTook a good care of themThis timeYou were at

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