October 2022

Walk in the Stream

The summer when I was in Grade 5, all the Grade 5 children in my school went on a three-day camping trip to a mountain about an hour bus ride away from the school. The trip was packed with different kinds of activities, including the mountain climbing, the campfire, and what’s called “walk in the

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Walk on the walls

In the community of half-dilapidated apartments where I used to live during my young childhood, there was one playground. It was a square-shaped playground with a huge willow in the middle. My friends and I used to play there a lot. We were particularly fond of the slide and the carriage-shaped swing, and once we

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The little forest

Ten years ago, I was staying at a small college in Quebec, Canada, as an international exchange student. Just before the autumn, I became friends with another exchange student from France, who happened to live only a few doors away from my room in the same dormitory. We started hanging out together, and during our

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A mother’s concern for her son

When I was in primary school, every autumn, our school hosted an arts festival where each school year would prepare either a music performance or a play and present it in front of the rest of the school and all the parents and guardians. For about two months leading up to the event, we practiced

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Oh, are you doing laundry?

When I was eight or nine, one day, I went to visit one of my childhood best friends at her house. At the time, we no longer lived close to each other, so every occasion we got to play together was precious. That day, after some time, we started playing at the bathroom sink. We

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A cozy spot

In the autumn when I was six, my parents bought our first family home. It was a house in one of the new housing developments located in the suburb of my hometown, and we spent a few months visiting different houses in the area trying to pick the one we wanted to live in. As

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