August 2022

Time to go home.

It was when I was twelve or thirteen. One evening, I was visiting my piano teacher with my mother for my weekly lesson. As usual, we chatted for a while, and when I finally sat at the piano to start the lesson, my teacher suddenly looked at the clock and got alarmed. “Oh, I didn’t

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A New Sofa Cover

When I was five years old, one day, I came back home from kindergarten with my mother and little brother as usual. As we walked into our tiny half-dilapidated apartment, however, there was an air of excitement between my mother and brother. My brother in particular was skipping and bouncing as he led me to

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Toothpaste on the staircase

My father has a habit of walking around the house while brushing his teeth. After each meal, he puts a generous amount of toothpaste on his toothbrush, and as he starts brushing his teeth, he wanders off from the bathroom, walking around the house and often talking to my mother about some random thoughts that

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Riding a bike with wet hair

As long as I have known him, my father has always been a person who preferred to take a shower in the morning, even though the common practice in Japan was to take a proper bath in the evening. Whenever an invitation was extended to him for a fresh bath in the evening, he would

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You were crying, weren’t you?

One day, when I was four years old, I was playing with my two best friends and another close friend one year older than us. In the backend of our community of tiny half-dilapidated apartments, there was an open space where the local buses would come around to spend their extra minutes out of service.

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A view from a hole

When I was between the age of four and six and when my family lived in the community of tiny half-dilapidated apartments, I used to play a lot with my two best friends in the square park in front of my apartment building. Among one of the things we played most often was the game

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