December 2023

One day in a class

I’m nine years old in this memory, sitting with my classmates for our moral education class. Today’s discussion theme is “father.” Once we’ve finished reading today’s reading material about the topic, our teacher opens the conversation with a question. “What is something special your father does for you at home?” Before I know it, my […]

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Kindly Requested

Beyond this pointYou agree to seeThe invisibleAs well as the visible Beyond this pointYou agree to valueThe intangibleAs well as the tangible For what used to beIs part of the presentAnd what is yet to comeAlready exists So it is kindly requestedBeyond this pointNo more ignoringOnly utmost care for all that is

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The Strange Craze

The year when I entered primary school, a mysterious toy item became popular all over the country: a tiny egg-shaped digital toy with a screen and three buttons in which you take care of a digital pet. the toy appeared from nowhere, and all of a sudden, both adults and children were crazy about it.

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A solution cannot comeIf you’re fixated on the problem The problem cannot speak to youIf you’re not curious Curiosity cannot inspire youIf you’re busy being dramatic So how about you chill and playGet busy having fun The problem will follow your leadSo will curiosity of yours And there we goThe three of you dancing A

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White Bear, the Protector

In this memory, I’m four years old. In our tiny, half-dilapidated apartment, there is no such thing as a bedroom. What we have is a tiny backroom that operates as the children’s playroom during the day and converts into the family’s sleep room in the night. All four of us sleep in the same room,

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Popcorn and Piano Lesson

The spring I turned six, I started taking private piano lessons for the first time. My first lesson was some time in mid April. One warm, sunny afternoon, my mother and I drove to my piano teacher’s house on the south side of the town. In my lap was my old, tattered YAMAHA music school

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The Thorn on My Knee

I’m seven years old in this memory. It’s early autumn, and we are practicing the play The And and the Grasshopper by Aesop in the school’s auditorium. The annual students’ performance day is coming up in October, and today is one of our first on-stage practice sessions. As one of the several Grasshoppers, I stand

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A Hole Appears

Time alone with myselfA forced holidayLong hours of silenceStaring at the ceilingSuddenlyThere is a holeNot on the ceilingBut insideInside of METhe hole looks likeIt might get biggerBummerDon’t poke it aroundInsteadThink about what you likeWhat I likeThe fresh air on my faceThe sound of the windTravelling through the nightThe lights of the starsDotting the skyWarm bathWarm

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A Little Trap

In this memory, I’m eight years old. It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m attending a weekly group class on music theory with my friends at a local music school for children. About six of us sit in the tiny classroom with a shiny upright piano, waiting for our teacher to arrive. She’s running late today. “She’s

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Why I don’t watch horror movies

The year I entered high school, one early summer day, my two childhood best friends and I planned a horror movie afternoon. None of us was really into the genre, and I was usually careful to stay away from scary stories, but something about the idea of watching a horror movie together felt exciting to

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