March 2023

Memory of decorative fruits

In this memory, I am about to turn six. The winter is ending. My parents are talking about moving out of our tiny half-dilapidated apartment and buying our first family home. Around the same time, many of my friends in the community of tiny half-dilapidated apartments are also talking about moving. Some of them have […]

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Imperfectly imperfect

I wish it had been simplerGood or badLove or hateThis or that In all these yearsNobody really taught meHow to liveIn the world of and The greatest gift you gave meWas LIFEA doorway for meTo enter this physical world You kept me aliveWhile I learned to eat, walk, and talkYou taught me how to read

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A Big Baby

In this memory, I am four years old. In the summer, my family make a trip to Tokyo, and during the stay, we visit a famous zoo in Ueno. My little brother is carried in the stroller while we walk around the park. It is a very hot day, and after walking for a while

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Round and Round Exercise

The summer when I was seven, I visited my great aunt’s house in Tokyo with my mother. It was a very hot day, and even though it was already evening when we arrived, the hot humid air was felt inside the house as well. In the front room, both the TV and the fan were

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Never learns the lesson

In this piece of memory, my little brother is two years old. Every day, while I am at kindergarten, my mother takes him out on a walk in the neighbourhood. My brother leads the walk on his yellow ride-on car and my mother walks closely behind him. Their walk starts with a visit to the

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Journey in the Night

Before I knew itNight fellAnd the highway becameA magical stretch of meditation The bus carries me on the roadThrough darknessThrough fast moving lights of carsPassing by stores, houses, and more darkness I gaze out of the windowListening to Adele’s album “30”Holding one apple in my handMy legs put up on the chair This magical momentI

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The band-aid magic

I am five years old in this memory. My little brother is now two years old, and every day he runs around inside our tiny half-dilapidated apartment full of energy. Even though my mother has been careful to make our home hazard-free, due to the tiny space, our living area is filled with edges of

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Fuss in the Car

I am five years old in this memory. My two-year-old little brother is crazy about buses. He has a large collection of toy buses at home, and his regular walk in the neighbourhood with his mother includes a specific bus watching spot where local buses come over to spend their out-of-service hours. Whenever and wherever

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Peripheral Exploration

You wanted me to stay in the centreWhere it is safeWhere it has a nameWhere everybody recognized But I was not happy thereI felt lifeless and troubledLike fish lying on a dry groundNot knowing which way to move my body Don’t go thereDon’t go to the peripheryYou saidIt’s dangerous out there Which is betterI asked

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