October 2023

Cinema Paradiso

Long ago, when I was in junior high school, one day, I happened to read a study material about story-telling. The article discussed the power of an emotional build-up and how after a layered preparation of events, even the simplest of trigger could create an avalanche of emotions in the audience. One of the three

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Water Baby

In this memory, I’m six. Recently, my teacher has shown us something interesting at kindergarten. She inflated a polybag with water and tied the end tightly so that the water wouldn’t leak. When I hold it in my arms, the water in the polybag moves, making it feel like a living creature. One day, I

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Tent in the House

One eveningA tent emergesIn the living roomLike a child’s dreamOnly thatNo children live hereOr so I thought Hanging a lampCalling in all the stuffed animalsI walk insideInto the magical caveWhereA forgotten adventure awaitsWith a beating heart Lying downLooking up at the swaying lampOne thought speaks to meThe world is still magicalThe adventure still awaitsYou are

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Tea at Pharmacy

When my little brother has a regular check-up of his heart condition, I accompany him to the hospital with my mother. It’s now a familiar drive, out of our community of tiny, half-dilapidated apartments, down the hill, past the art gallery, cross the river, then up a narrow rocky passage before coming out right in

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Full Moon Walk

I’m three in this memory. My baby brother has recently been released from the hospital after his heart surgery. Though he can now stay with us at home, he is only allowed to feed a small amount each day despite his large body. Every evening, he cries out of hunger, and that’s when my mother

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I want to walk with you

Long ago, when I was about twelve, I was at a large family gathering at my relative’s house. We were all sitting together in the living room, chatting over tea and snacks when the eldest person in the group – let me call her Fuku in this story – started telling us a “remarkable encounter”

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One day on a sidewalk

One day on a sidewalkWith my legs heavy from exercisingI sit upon a stretch of concreteMarking the end of someone’s garden It’s been a while since I satNear the ground like thisThe warmth of the afternoon sunTingles my face and bare hands Then I see itA pill bugLazily crossing the sidewalkWith the sunshine on his

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A Folded Towel

I’m about three or four in this memory. In the evening, my father helps me to take a bath. I wash my body with a small square-shaped burgundy towel, then once I finish and settle in the bathtub, I place my towel on the metal top of a gas tank adjacent to the tub. It’s

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Stubborn Refusal

I’m five in this memory. One weekday morning, I’m watching TV with a spare hair tie in my hand when suddenly, a fun idea occurs to me. A giggle creeps up my throat as I reach for my toddler brother, who is sitting in front of me. His soft hair is short, but long enough

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