October 2021

Secret adventure in the night

When I was about ten years old, a good old friend of my father came to visit us with his two children. They were a brother and a sister close to my age. Since I was usually lacking playmates at home, I became super excited to have two more kids staying in the house for […]

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Joy of the ocean

Despite growing up in a country surrounded by oceans, my relationship with water has never been intimate except for baths and hot springs. Neither of my parents was a big fan of outdoor activities nor a good swimmer, so when I was a child, I did not have many chances to explore rivers, lakes, or

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My Kindergarten Teacher

It was my first day at kindergarten. That day, my younger brother was in the hospital and my mother had to leave soon after attending the welcome ceremony. I did not panic when she left. I was quite used to being away from my parents by that age. Since my sweet little brother was born

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Feel free to throw at me

It was when I was in grade 4. One winter morning, on my way to school, I encountered a group of boys in front of me. From the yellow covers on their school bags, I knew that they were first graders. They were throwing snowballs at each other. To my eyes, the way they played

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Visit to my grandmother

When I was 19 years old, I lived in Tokyo attending a special school designed for university entrance exam preparation. It was my first year living on my own away from my hometown. For most of that year, I made myself busy every day studying the material from morning until night. But in the summer,

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A boy on the airplane

Several years ago, I was on my way back to Tokyo from a trip to London, England. I had a window seat. As I settled down and read through the safety booklet (my golden ritual), a young boy and his mother came and sat next to me. The boy was about three years old. He

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Blissful Shower

It was last summer. My housemate and I were committed to a short jogging ritual. Every evening, after work, we would go out for a quick run in the neighbourhood. There were many days when we only managed to jog around our block. But a few times, we felt adventurous and tried out a longer

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Ripped jeans

I have a friend who has a sister six years older than her. I’m always surprised by this age gap because from the way she talks about her sister, it feels as if they were twins. My friend says that they grew up together being the best playmates. I always love to hear whatever my

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