July 2023

Forced Playing House

I am three in this memory. Shortly after my brother learns to sit by himself, I start engaging him in my favourite activity – playing house. I have a collection of small plates and cups, and I have been waiting to have a playmate who can enjoy my imaginary meal with me whenever I play […]

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Time Capsule

An old tin boxI haven’t opened for yearsSuddenly grabs my attentionIt is a box of old letters and notes When I open itA letter from my childhood friendAccompanied by a small origami paperThe letter has an illustrated instruction Before I know itMy hands start folding the paperFollowing the instructionStep by step And then –I have

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Epic Contrast

I am four years old in this memory. One day, at my local YAMAHA music school, we are assigned a homework to compose a little music piece from a given prompt. The prompt is a short melody, and we are expected to expand it, add some harmony, and make it into a full piece. As

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Secret View and a Hidden World

I am four in this memory. I am at the local YAMAHA music school with my two best friends, attending the weekly group lesson. In the middle of the one-hour lesson, there is always a short break when people can use the washroom and refresh themselves. My friends and I usually go out on the

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Just because your sibling diedPeople say you’re aloneBut you’re not aloneBecause his spirit and memoriesAre forever etched in your heart Just because you’re singlePeople say you’re aloneBut you’re not aloneBecause you are anticipatingA wonderful meeting with another soul Just because your spouse is no morePeople say you’re aloneBut you’re not aloneBecause the life you live

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Excitement on the Floor

It is winter and I am five years old in this memory. The skating season has arrived. When my family go for the regular weekend shopping, my father starts taking me to the skating rink Orange Range again. Though excited, because it has been many months since I stood on the rink last time and

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Toddler Race

I am five in this memory. Autumn. The day of my kindergarten’s sport festival. Another race is designed for our young siblings. When they are called to the track with their parents, my brother also stands at the start line with my mother. Many of them do not seem to understand what is going on,

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Dirty Dirty Fight

I am five in this memory. In the afternoon, after teatime, I have a mandatory study session with my mother before I can go out to play with my friends. She has a math workbook to teach me basic arithmetic and geometry, and every day, she picks a few questions for me to work on.

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Mother Dreamed a Dream

When she was youngShe had a dreamHer dream was to become a doctorWho can save people’s livesThe dream lit her upBecause it was her real dream Then some situations happenedObstacles appearedAnd after many thoughtsShe took another roadShe didn’t become a doctor Half a century laterShe still remembers her dreamShe tells me thatIt’s a fulfilling job

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