July 2022

My meteorology encyclopedia

When I was in primary school, I wasn’t somebody who was into science subjects. Observing plants and insects didn’t interest me, mixing different chemicals didn’t excite me, and working with lab weights and taking notes bored me to death. I spent my science class mostly looking at different pictures in the textbook and focusing on

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Coins carried in a piece of cloth

It was when I was four and lived with my maternal grandmother for the summer. One evening, a person visited from the newspaper company to collect the monthly subscription fee. I noticed the visitor from the window while playing on my own, but being extremely cautious around a stranger, I immediately called my grandmother. My

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I thought you were a boy!

The spring I was in Grade 3, we had a sport festival at school. Among the many games we were enrolled in was a tug of war. The four classes in Grade 3 were going to fight against each other to win the trophy cup. For the weeks leading up to the sport festival, we

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“Panashi” Exercise

When I was about four, my father had a habit of leaving his clothes wherever he removed them inside the house instead of neatly folding them. Each evening, he would come home and change into his pajamas, leaving his work clothes scattered all across our tiny half-dilapidated apartment. And each time, my mother would scold

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