April 2022

Left-behind Item Delivery

Throughout my primary and middle school days, I went to schools in my neighbourhood. For the nine years, every morning, I would walk to school with my friends, with the school bag on my back. chatting about what was going to happen at school that day. Even though I wasn’t usually forgetful, from time to

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Kindness at a Bank

It was when I was eight or nine. One day, I accompanied my mother on her trip to a bank in the city centre. Banks in Japan close at 3 pm, and when we went to the branch, people were already starting to prepare for the closing. As I waited for my mother to complete

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Measuring my hair length

Around the time when I entered kindergarten, along with many other girls, I became very interested in long hair. My hair was not long at the time, but at my kindergarten, I would carefully observe other girls’ and teachers’ long hair styles and think to myself what hairstyle I wanted for myself when my hair

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A worm in a letter

When I was in primary school, a few times a year, my father’s college friend, who lived near Tokyo area, came to visit us for a long weekend. He had three daughters close to my age, and we used to play together whenever we had the chance to meet. Both my father and his friend

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Bathroom Emergency

When I was seven or eight, during the time when I went through a lazy phase of my life, I developed a habit of holding my urine. This happened because I was too lazy to go to bathroom when my body gave me its first signal. As a consequence, I was often found frantically running

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