June 2024


In this memory, I’m five. It’s summer, and at my kindergarten, once a week, our teachers take us to the pool inside the local YMCA in a tiny yellow kindergarten bus. Wearing a blue flowery swim suit, I follow others onto the poolside. When everybody is there, we are introduced to our teacher who will […]

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The Spinning Roller Coaster

In my senior year of high school, I went on a school trip with all my peers and teachers. After educational visits to some historic sites, we made a stop at a famous theme park with various attractions, and we were given a few hours to hang out with our friends and enjoy the rides.

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The Willow

In this memory, I’m four. Before lunchtime, I’m playing with my friends on the square playground in front of my apartment building. The sky is blue, and a gentle breeze passes through. In the middle of the park is an old willow tree. The tree sways in the wind, its branches lifting and leaves rustling.

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S-Biscuits: a special treat

Wednesday late afternoon is a moment I look forward to. After work, I walk down the street to an Italian grocery store and go to the cash counter to find my treat: a package of S-biscuits. They are S-shaped biscuits that are the least expensive yet the most satisfactory. A kind-looking elder gentleman, the owner

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Secret Delight

Fresh airMorning sunlightI burst out of the doorRunning to work Just as IBrush pastPeonies, bleeding hearts, andThe wooden library box A sound echoesFrom an open windowStopping meIn the middle of the track The gentle soundIs the sound of the banjoTravelling in the summer breezeBeckoning me I start running againBut now there is lightnessAs the music

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Advertising Balloon

In this memory, I’m about four. I’m travelling on a bullet train with my family when I spot a balloon flying over the field outside the window. “What’s that?” I ask my father sitting next to me. It’s not only a strange place for a balloon to fly, but this balloon seems to fly very

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The summer when I was in Grade 7, my social science teacher gave us an assignment to create a statue of a historical figure we admired using paper clay. “It can be anybody from any period of time,” my teacher instructed. “It can be a whole body or a bust. You choose!” Being a fan

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