August 2023


It is a reminderOf good times that once existedWith those people who once livedThey are not here anymore But I think of youAs I look at this photographDo you also remember that time?The day captured in this photograph? Then I realizeYou don’t need a photographTo remember anythingYou don’t even need to remember No longer bound

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A question that was not asked

In October 1996, my family moves to a new house in a suburban residential area. This is something my parents have been planning since nearly a year ago when my brother was still alive. Though our old tiny half-dilapidated apartment lacks nothing in my opinion, according to my parents, it is not designed to be

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Alternative Reality Continues

This story is a continuation of the post titled The Alternative Reality. Shortly after I finish the little book about my brother’s memories, a fun idea takes form in my mind. My brother used to have a collection of toy buses. What if these toy buses had lives? What if they could go on an

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Time does not bound me

It is winter 2000. In our arts & crafts class, we work on paper prints. With a large blank sheet of paper in front of me, I listen to my teacher explain the procedure to the class, and a brilliant design idea pops up in my head. My brother is riding on his ride-on car,

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One-dimensional Illusion

Dreaming soulsThat’s what they once wereWith their own visions and desiresFor this unique life Their unique talentsTheir unique interestsTheir unique charactersEager to blossom into flowers But something came on their wayLike a cometTook everything with itLanded on a one-dimensional stage Who knew the depth of this trap?Once you’re in thereIt’ll become your entire universeYou’ll be

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The Alternative Reality

The spring I turn eight, one day, I find a beautiful blank notebook in my mother’s collection. Recently, I have been thinking how if my brother had been alive, he would be starting kindergarten this month. With the blank notebook in my hands, his first day at kindergarten starts playing in my mind. In this

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A Bug in the Eye

This story is a continuation of “Campfire under the Starry Sky.” “There is a bug in your eye!” My teacher’s concerned eyes meet mine. I have just come out of the breakfast room and greeted my teacher and a group of friends walking with her. “Yes, she’s right!” One of my friends exclaims in surprise.

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A Bunny Appeared

A bunny appearedFrom an old bag of stuffed animalsDusty and shabbyBut she had something to sayRaising her chin and flaring her skirtI’m here! Finally, you found me! She hopped out of the bag, eyes wide with eagerness Show me the world! Oh, show me the world! Faced with such enthusiasmHow could I tell herThat she

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