One-dimensional Illusion

Dreaming souls
That’s what they once were
With their own visions and desires
For this unique life

Their unique talents
Their unique interests
Their unique characters
Eager to blossom into flowers

But something came on their way
Like a comet
Took everything with it
Landed on a one-dimensional stage

Who knew the depth of this trap?
Once you’re in there
It’ll become your entire universe
You’ll be a one-dimensional creature

You look after all those people
Taken for granted
Your dreams suspended and forgotten
Your wildest desires shoved aside

You say you’re happy nonetheless
That it worth all the sacrifice
Your face is growing pale though
I want to shake your shoulders

Where is the audience?
Why nobody is saying anything
When part of you is dying for real
How can they be here doing

Find the exit
No need to sacrifice your dimensions
Infinite sky is where you belong
Fly with your wings fully open