Phantom from the Past

Suddenly, an alarm goes offSomebody has pressed the buttonThe one that summons your phantomIt’s already everywhereOverwhelming your sensesSending you to the cliff of panicWhere’s the exit?The ringing of the alarm gettingLouder and louderYou runGasping for the airAnd then –What? There’s no smokeThere’s no fireOnly your phantom is hereIf you want that to disappearAll you need …

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A Cautious Person

Safety and securityThis is their utmost concernReady to worry about everythingSo that the worst won’t happen Stability is goldPredictable is their dream absoluteThey are happy to sacrificeAnything for this greater value Guided by cautionReady to sacrifice all but safetyThey are the protectorsGuarding us from the worst disaster

An Adventurous Person

Adventure over stabilityThey come aliveIn a new challengeTaking every growth opportunity The unknown over the knownProblems don’t daunt themBut lift their spiritSharpening their mind Guided by visionsReady to take risksThey are the pioneersLeading us to a new possibility

The Place In-between

It is where you belong nowhereTravelling at the speed of light Possibility splits open in your face Old beliefs you’ve held onto tight That have kept you caged for so long Are now falling apart fast You are flying through the sky So, now what? What are you going to do? Answer me, please Before …

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It is a reminderOf good times that once existedWith those people who once livedThey are not here anymore But I think of youAs I look at this photographDo you also remember that time?The day captured in this photograph? Then I realizeYou don’t need a photographTo remember anythingYou don’t even need to remember No longer bound …

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One-dimensional Illusion

Dreaming soulsThat’s what they once wereWith their own visions and desiresFor this unique life Their unique talentsTheir unique interestsTheir unique charactersEager to blossom into flowers But something came on their wayLike a cometTook everything with itLanded on a one-dimensional stage Who knew the depth of this trap?Once you’re in thereIt’ll become your entire universeYou’ll be …

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A Bunny Appeared

A bunny appearedFrom an old bag of stuffed animalsDusty and shabbyBut she had something to sayRaising her chin and flaring her skirtI’m here! Finally, you found me! She hopped out of the bag, eyes wide with eagerness Show me the world! Oh, show me the world! Faced with such enthusiasmHow could I tell herThat she …

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It’s that time of yearThe city’s annual firework festivalFrom toddlers to their grandparentsThey all go outTo watch this once-a-year magic Among these peopleAre me and my parentsSitting on the grassLooking up at the skyAfter who knows how many years The first firework shoots up in the skyEverybody bursts into cheersAmong them is me and my …

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A Sudden Opening

After dinnerSuddenly, time opens upAnd a moment appears We lie down in front of the TVWatching a movieEating ice cream Like two lazy catsA mother and a daughterSide by side YeahWe’ve caught tonightSomething rare like a shooting star The sudden openingLeading toA magical moment

Time Capsule

An old tin boxI haven’t opened for yearsSuddenly grabs my attentionIt is a box of old letters and notes When I open itA letter from my childhood friendAccompanied by a small origami paperThe letter has an illustrated instruction Before I know itMy hands start folding the paperFollowing the instructionStep by step And then –I have …

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