Focused on the Wrong Thing

It came to you to teach you happinessBut you were sad it left youYou mourned the loss in tears It came to show you your potentialBut you were angry it caused you painYou cursed the misery in resentment It came to help your healingBut you were mad at their attitudeYou listed their shortcomings in detail […]

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Keep your eyes open

Walking on a cliffScared you might fallYou close your eyesBut don’tNot before you seeWhat lies beneath youAnd realizeIt’s not a cliff butA staircase at your home An uneasy conversationFrightened you are trappedYou take offBut don’tNot before you seeWhat’s happening around youAnd realizeWhat you were hearingWas a memory of an old conversation Keep your eyes openUntil

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Singular Point

DisconnectThat’s what it isThere is before and afterBut nothing in between No, that’s not trueThere is something thereBut you can’t see itNo matter how close you look Where something once existedThere is now absenceWhere nothing used to existThere is now new presence And you’re left wonderingWhat really happenedHow it happenedAnd what is yet to happen

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Don’t Impute

The data is missingCannot run the programFrustratingWant the result anyhowWaitDon’t imputeCollect more dataDon’t make up picturesBut listen carefully instead

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Just Happened To

I just happened to be thereWhen the wind blewAnd I fell from the sky I just happened to be thereWhen a foot stepped on meAnd carried me away I just happened to be thereWhen the rain poured on meAnd the sunshine warmed me up I just happened to be thereWhen one day, I sproutedAnd grew,

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Cliff of Embarrassment

Scared of fallingScared of what lies beyondI hold my breathAs I dance around the world The thing about this cliffIs that it’s everywhereThere is no tellingWhen you are about to fall That’s why I have to be carefulReminding myselfEvery step I takeI could be at the very edge But sometimes I wonderWhat really lies Beyond

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Separate but shared

Inside the parkIn the neighbourhoodThere is a skate rinkThat appears only in winter Five thirtyAfter workI’m standing on the iceWearing my skates, wabbly SlowlyI start movingPushing my left footThen my right foot A little girl arrivesWith her motherThey glide on the iceChasing each other, practicing I hear the girl’s voiceShe is learning how to skateYes,

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One of these days

One of these daysThe old pattern will breakA new pattern will hatchJust like Spring sprouts from WinterAfter all the patient preparation One of these daysA breakthrough will happenA new way will appear before youJust like the light spreads across the skyAfter a long winter night One of these daysIt will happenAll effortlesslySmoothlyAs if taking a

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Common Sense

Something unknownSomething unspokenSomething incomprehensibleA mysterious entity it is Chasing it is likeCatching a cloud in the skyGrasping it is likeFinding the end of the rainbow Everybody must have itBut nobody has ever seen itEverybody talks about itBut nobody can explain it Common sense, are you there?Your presence is requestedIt is time you come out of

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There is a tiny house on the hilltopA girl used to live thereHappy and contentUntil one dayAn attack started Arrows showered on her houseFrom where, she had no ideaBut they kept comingDamaging her houseInjuring her She had to do something, anythingShe built walls around her houseBut the arrows kept comingFearful and panickedShe ran to the

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