Imperfectly imperfect

I wish it had been simplerGood or badLove or hateThis or that In all these yearsNobody really taught meHow to liveIn the world of and The greatest gift you gave meWas LIFEA doorway for meTo enter this physical world You kept me aliveWhile I learned to eat, walk, and talkYou taught me how to read …

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Journey in the Night

Before I knew itNight fellAnd the highway becameA magical stretch of meditation The bus carries me on the roadThrough darknessThrough fast moving lights of carsPassing by stores, houses, and more darkness I gaze out of the windowListening to Adele’s album “30”Holding one apple in my handMy legs put up on the chair This magical momentI …

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Peripheral Exploration

You wanted me to stay in the centreWhere it is safeWhere it has a nameWhere everybody recognized But I was not happy thereI felt lifeless and troubledLike fish lying on a dry groundNot knowing which way to move my body Don’t go thereDon’t go to the peripheryYou saidIt’s dangerous out there Which is betterI asked …

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Waking up to a sore throatYes, I’ve fallen, my dearI’m mildly sick today The list of things I was going to doIs quickly thrown out of the windowToday is my rest day As I rest in my bedI think about the worldThat must be working hard, really hard And here I amFalling asleep in the …

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Fatigue (poem)

FatigueThis thing is realWhen the morning comesAnd your eyes openBut your body refuses to move As you lie down in your blanketYou think about all the peopleWho are already up and workingHard work is the name of the gameYou muster all the energy in your bodyTo crawl out of your bed Once on your feetYou …

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You know that I don’t like ketchup too muchI’m not a person who puts ketchup in everything I eatOnly with fast food I use ketchup So when I first saw you pulling up ketchupNext to almost every food we ate togetherI was upsetKetchup? With this dish?No, no, no!It’s inappropriate!It’s impolite! But you looked so happy …

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Life of Two

When she was born, she had no siblingIt was just her As she learned to turn, sit, crawl, then walk and talkShe was always on her own with adults around her One day, the life of one became a life of twoWhen a baby boy was born to the family Her life had changed foreverSuddenly, …

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An Ordinary Day (Poem)

I packed my lunch for workI was so hungryThat I finished eating itBefore I left home

Home (poem)

Home is where our family is Home is where our childhood took place Home is warmth Home is where people’s thick dialect soothes my earsHome is where the intimate mountain silhouette melts my heart Home is connection Familiar smells Familiar tastes Everywhere you turn Home is a feeling Home is where you call “home” without …

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