Unapologetically Alive

When was the last timeYou threw something with your full forceYou ran at your top speedYou laughed like crazy until your stomach hurt When was the last timeYou tackled your friend with all your forceYou screamed at your top voiceYou cried until your throat became sore Does your body still bounce with joyDo your eyes […]

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The smell of grassThe smell of dirtThe dampness on my skin SuddenlyI’m back there againComing home That little girlCrouching over a snailFilled with wonders of the world

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Empty Cup

Your cup is emptyBut you sit thereListening to me talkAs I sip my tea Your plate is emptyExcept for that one last bite you leftBut you look unbotheredWhile I slowly eat my food Kind patienceUnspoken careEven if no one said anythingI notice – your kindness in action

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Secret Delight

Fresh airMorning sunlightI burst out of the doorRunning to work Just as IBrush pastPeonies, bleeding hearts, andThe wooden library box A sound echoesFrom an open windowStopping meIn the middle of the track The gentle soundIs the sound of the banjoTravelling in the summer breezeBeckoning me I start running againBut now there is lightnessAs the music

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Sitting in the parkWith my back propped against a wallMy eyes swim to the tree in front of me A woman walks past with her lunchA man walks by with his dogConstruction workers take a break on the road Time passes byAs I sit here andMy eyes follow the swaying leaves in the sky

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Doing Nothing

Let’s do NothingSitting on a benchLooking ahead Feel the breeze on your skinHear the rustling sound of leavesListen to the birds Your mind becomes blankJust like the sky above your headYou forget how to think And you finally feel aliveFloating in this momentDoing nothing at all

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I walk to the FarmAs the sun sets andThe dusk falls around us Barefoot on the grassThrough the humid evening airUntil I come under the walnut tree There I sit in quietListening to the birds and insectsWatching the colour change in the sky SuddenlyThe world feels biggerFull of adventures As wonder returnsMy body lightensMy spirit

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When leaves fell from the treesAnd the snow came alongI closed my windowAnd forgot about the windchime On a dark winter daySometimes I’d hearA chime ringing in the distanceIt’d feel like a dream Now as new leaves sproutAnd flowers bloomThe sound of windchime once againThrough the open window Only this timeIt’s accompanied byBirds and people’s

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I want you to know

I want you to knowHow delightful it wasWhen I came in andYou’d already made my coffeeBefore I even ordered it I want you to knowHow nice it wasWhen I saw you in the kitchenSpeaking to your friendWith so much kindness I want you to knowHow comforted I wasWhen I opened the doorTo find you walking

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Correcting a Mistake

A mistake was madeNow you must correct itWhat would’ve been a simple processIs now a long ordealWhat a bummer!You wish the error hadn’t occurredBut here we areIn the middle of a troubleSo how about you stay calmAnd focus on the matter at handRoll up your sleevesCorrect that mistake

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