At Hospital

My little brother is two in this memory. In November, he stays at hospital with my mother for several days in preparation for another major heart surgery. As always, many of his favourite toys and books accompany him to make his days at hospital feel as ordinary as possible. During the day, he plays with …

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Our TV Time

I am five in this memory. When I come home after playing with my friends, there is usually some time before supper. I go to sit in front of the TV with my back leaned against the brown wooden cupboard. My brother quickly joins me, and together we watch the late afternoon programs for kids. …

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A Cautious Person

Safety and securityThis is their utmost concernReady to worry about everythingSo that the worst won’t happen Stability is goldPredictable is their dream absoluteThey are happy to sacrificeAnything for this greater value Guided by cautionReady to sacrifice all but safetyThey are the protectorsGuarding us from the worst disaster

Spilled Miso Soup

I am three or four in this memory. My mother is accompanying my little brother’s stay at hospital, and it is just me and my father at home. Every evening, my father takes me out for dinner. Unlike my mother, who is careful about healthy diet and sticks to “eat at home” scheme as much …

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A Grumpy Big Sister

This is a memory from the time when I was five. In the summer, I visit my maternal grandmother’s house with my mother and little brother. Though I have been to my grandmother’s place many times, this is the first time I go there with my brother. Everything feels exciting when we are together, I …

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This story is a continuation of the post “A Bug in the Eye.” The kindergarten bus drops us at the square playground of our community of tiny half-dilapidated apartments. Our parents are waiting for us, and our teachers spend some time talking to them about the trip and our individual highlights from the trip. After …

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An Adventurous Person

Adventure over stabilityThey come aliveIn a new challengeTaking every growth opportunity The unknown over the knownProblems don’t daunt themBut lift their spiritSharpening their mind Guided by visionsReady to take risksThey are the pioneersLeading us to a new possibility

A Strange Habit

I am five in this memory. One cold early morning, I come out of sleep to a still dark room. Nobody is up and moving yet. Is my mother still asleep? I turn my head to the left to find her sat up wearing her red Japanese room jacket. She is looking straight ahead, completely …

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The Empty Waiting Room

I am five in this memory, heading back home from my grandmother’s house. On the way back home, we take a local train to the Oyama station where we catch the bullet train back to Sendai. Normally, we wait on the platform, but today, our train is delayed. My mother takes us to the waiting …

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