Alternative Reality Continues

This story is a continuation of the post titled The Alternative Reality.

Shortly after I finish the little book about my brother’s memories, a fun idea takes form in my mind. My brother used to have a collection of toy buses. What if these toy buses had lives? What if they could go on an adventure with my brother?

I pick up a blank notebook and imagine the first scene. My brother is playing with his toy buses as usual. Suddenly, one of them starts speaking. Surprised, my brother tries to run away, but all his other buses also start talking. Moreover, they are quite noisy.

Grinning, I start scribbling down on the blank page of my notebook.

One day, my brother finds an advertisement about a hidden treasure. And guess what – the treasure is a box of new toy buses! There is a map attached to this advertisement. He decides to go on an adventure to find this box of treasure.

At first, my brother tries to leave home alone, but to his great disappointment, his chatty toy buses insist on coming with him. Thus, together, their grand adventure begins.

From what I have observed from the famous stories like Winnie the Pooh or The Hobbit, I know that any good adventure book should have a map at the beginning. So, this book also starts with a hand-drawn map, which the reader can consult as they follow the story.

Once the book is complete, I bring it to my mother. She then brings it to my father, who jokes to her after reading it that I am a great writer who does not have a full command of kanji (at this age, I barely use them).

Since I have had so much fun writing this adventure story, I decide to write a sequel. It is a story of another treasure hunt, but this time, there are more toy buses to accompany my brother since the new toy buses gained in the last adventure also come along.

I continue writing sequels, and eventually, they turn into a series of six books over the next two years. I invite whoever comes to our home to read them, and watch their faces closely so as not to miss a moment when they break into giggles, and then into laughter.