childhood memories

A Summer Treat

I’m four in this memory. It’s a hot summer day. I’m playing with my friend in the tiny back room of my home when my mother comes back from her shopping. “Girls, I’ve got a treat for you!” she calls out as she walks over to us. “It’s warm today. Have this and cool down!” […]

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In this memory, I am eight years old. Every morning, after breakfast, I grab my schoolbag and head over to the front door in a sluggish movement. My mother follows me in a quick step. “Did you get your lunch cutlery?” she asks as I open the door. “Did you get your activity clothes?” “Yes,

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In this memory, I’m five. It’s summer, and at my kindergarten, once a week, our teachers take us to the pool inside the local YMCA in a tiny yellow kindergarten bus. Wearing a blue flowery swim suit, I follow others onto the poolside. When everybody is there, we are introduced to our teacher who will

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The Willow

In this memory, I’m four. Before lunchtime, I’m playing with my friends on the square playground in front of my apartment building. The sky is blue, and a gentle breeze passes through. In the middle of the park is an old willow tree. The tree sways in the wind, its branches lifting and leaves rustling.

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Advertising Balloon

In this memory, I’m about four. I’m travelling on a bullet train with my family when I spot a balloon flying over the field outside the window. “What’s that?” I ask my father sitting next to me. It’s not only a strange place for a balloon to fly, but this balloon seems to fly very

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Mr. Round

One summer day when I was about nine, I visited my childhood best friend’s house with my other best friend. It was a get-together of the three families that we used to do a few times a year. As soon as we arrived in the afternoon, we children started playing outside while adults went inside

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Eetle: the Imaginary Insect

When I was little, I had two very close friends. We grew up in the same community, and our families knew each other well. Even after we moved to different parts of the town, every summer, the three families would go on a camping trip together. One summer, I became into insects and brought a

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Cleaning Up the Wall

In this memory I’m about eleven. I’ve just finished my weekly group lesson at a local music school, and now stand with my two best friends in the hallway. Our mothers are nearby, busy talking. The building that houses our music school is old and dilapidated. As I chat with my friends, I notice that

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The spring when I entered primary school, my aunt gave me a bunch of pre-stamped postcards. “So that you can write to your friends.” That’s what she told me as she handed me the gift. The postcards came in three packages. Each with five cards, all different designs. Suddenly, I had many postcards in my

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Morning Scene

In this memory, I’m about four. At my grandmother’s house, I stand in front of my elder cousin’s room. The sun is already high up in the sky and I want to play with her, but she is still deep asleep. Her room is as dark as night, and she doesn’t respond even when I

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