Secret View and a Hidden World

I am four in this memory. I am at the local YAMAHA music school with my two best friends, attending the weekly group lesson.

In the middle of the one-hour lesson, there is always a short break when people can use the washroom and refresh themselves. My friends and I usually go out on the lobby, walk over to the windows, and spend the breaktime chatting while looking out of the window.

From where we are, we can see the arched rooftop of the shopping arcade, under which we can also see people walking and shopping. As we chat lazily, I closely observe the uneven shape of the rooftop, then wonder how the world I see in front of me is completely invisible to the people who are on the ground. Those shoppers have no idea how the roof over their head looks uneven from above, or how three girls are currently observing them from one of the hidden windows.

“A secret view,” I think to myself.

Shortly, the second half of the lesson is announced to begin, and we all shuffle back inside, heading to our seating.