A Big Baby

In this memory, I am four years old. In the summer, my family make a trip to Tokyo, and during the stay, we visit a famous zoo in Ueno.

My little brother is carried in the stroller while we walk around the park. It is a very hot day, and after walking for a while through a crowd of people, I feel tired.

Suddenly, I get jealous of my baby brother. Why is he having such easy time in the stroller while I have to walk? That’s not fair!

“Mommy, I also want to ride on the stroller,” I ask my mother.

She is surprised by the sudden and unexpected request. But once she comes back to her senses, she gently brushes it off.

“Sweetie, you are too big for the stroller, don’t you think?”

“But my brother is always in the stroller,” I whine. “I also want to try it!”

“There was a time when we carried you in the stroller, Sweetie, but you don’t remember it.”

Seeing that I am not going to withdraw my request, my mother finally agrees to carry me in the stroller. My brother is transferred to my father’s arms, and I happily get inside the stroller. I am excited. I cannot wait for my mother to push it!

But the excitement does not last long. The stroller is indeed too small for me, and it is not so comfortable. After a while, I call my mother.

“I want to walk,” I say and climb out of the tiny stroller.

“Why, you don’t like it?”

“The stroller isn’t comfortable. I like walking!”

Thus, as if I have always preferred it, I start marching on my own two feet. Never again, I want to be carried in a stroller!