Toothpaste on the staircase

My father has a habit of walking around the house while brushing his teeth. After each meal, he puts a generous amount of toothpaste on his toothbrush, and as he starts brushing his teeth, he wanders off from the bathroom, walking around the house and often talking to my mother about some random thoughts that have visited his mind.

Due to the large amount of toothpaste and his walking around the house, the trace of toothpaste is left everywhere, in most unexpected places. Once, I found a white trace on one of the legs of my piano chair. The other time, I was walking up the staircase and saw a white mark on the edge of the step in front of my eyes.

“Dad, how can your toothpaste end up here?!” I couldn’t help but exclaim. “It’s almost a piece of artwork that you’re doing!”

However, my mother, who wants to keep the house clean, isn’t so impressed by my father’s toothpaste artwork. Whenever she catches the sight of him walking out of the bathroom with his toothbrush, she immediately runs to the bathroom door to stop him, her quick movement almost like a goalkeeper: “Don’t walk around! Finish your brushing first!”

Apparently, my father is the winner of this daily battle. Despite my mother’s effort, my father’s toothpaste splash continues to make new traces every day, creating surprises for all of us who walk around the house.