The best moment of my day

One late afternoon
I decide to go out
To a nearby coffee shop
By bike

My first bike ride of this year
I grab the key, the pump
And a brand-new S.O.S. pad
To remove the rust on my bike

It was last summer
When two experienced cyclists
Saw the rust on my bike
And told me to use S.O.S. pad

I walk out on the patio
Where my old bike is parked
With one S.O.S. pad in my hand

I have no idea what this thing
Called S.O.S. pad is
I bought them last summer
But didn’t yet use one

So, today is the day
To find out what this pad
Is all about
I crouch down

The moment I start scrubbing
The rust that looked stubborn
Fades and disappears
I cannot believe it

This is magical
I scrub more rust
Awed by its effect
My eyes wide open

Soon I’m absorbed
In this magic
Scrubbing scrubbing
I lose track of time

Garden birds’ singing
The touch of wind on my face
Everything else stops existing
Except this moment

My smile turns into a grin
Cannot stop scrubbing
So peaceful
So fulfilling

Sailing in Present
I realize one thing
I’m having
The best moment of my day