It comes
At first
Like somebody’s imagination
Sound of birds’ singing

I wonder
If I heard anything
Or perhaps
It was just my imagination

Then it’s the sunlight
Calling my attention
The warmth of it
Even in the midst of snow

The day becomes longer
The snow recedes
I find myself squinting
Under the bright sun

It is no longer
Quiet outside
Garden birds chirping
Wild birds calling in the sky

Then the colours
The colours come back
The green!
The green of the grass!

This is green
Popping out
Among the tired-looking mud
Damp from the melting snow

In no time
Flowers will blossom
Leaves will sprout on the trees
And humans will walk in shorts

Spring is here finally
And I search
For the final signs of winter
One last time

Before it goes back to
Our imagination
I want to remember
Now that spring has arrived