A mother and a daughter

Several years ago, I was at an outdoor equipment store with the intention of getting myself a pair of new over glasses sunglasses. It was my first time to buy a pair of sunglasses, and I was feeling very nervous, the kind of anxious sensation you get when you are about to reach for something that you have always longed for.

When I reached the sunglasses section, I didn’t directly search for over glasses sunglasses. I first wanted to take a good look at the regular ones before going to meet my destined one.

As I anxiously stood there, looking at different pairs of sunglasses, a mother and her teenage daughter came next to me. Chatting cheerfully, they were looking for a new pair for the daughter.

The teenage girl started trying on different pairs. I greatly admired her attitude because there was not a sign of hesitation as she reached for a new pair.

After trying a few, the girl wore another pair and looked at her mother. “I kind of like this one,” she said. Her mother turned to her and said it looked nice on her. The girl checked herself again in the small mirror attached to the display in front of her and said, “I like this one.” There was just a tiny hint of shyness in her voice. That was when I heard her mother’s booming voice, “If you like them, go get ’em!”

She repeated it a few times as if to sing a song. The girl was now feeling really good about her choice. “I’m gonna get them.” The two of them left, happy and satisfied with their shopping.

After they left, I walked up straight to the counter where they kept over glasses sunglasses. I tried a few on and looked at myself in the mirror. Then I found the one I liked most. “Go get ’em!” The mother’s voice rang in my ears. I bought them and left the store, feeling happy and proud of my new purchase.