Bumpy Seats on a Bus

When I was a child, I sometimes travelled by bus with my father. Since my father didn’t drive, whenever we travelled on our own, it was either by bike or by public transport, and we usually took a bus to get to the city centre or the nearest subway station.

Whenever we travelled by bus, my father always led me to a particular seating. It was a seating located right above one of the wheels in the back. The seating was higher and its leg space was smaller than the other ones due to the large wheel. When I asked my father why we wanted to sit on this particular seating, he said

“Because this is the most fun seat! You can feel every bump the wheel makes on the way.”

As the bus started moving, my father’s words proved to be true. Every time the bus went over a small bump or gap on the road, our seating shook like a mushroom when all other seating remained calm. I loved the experience so much that after a few times, I started to lead our way.

“Let’s sit on the bumpy seat!”

To this day, whenever I travel on a bus, I always choose a seating directly above a wheel and enjoy the bumpy experience it brings to me.