Courage and Kindness

When I was fourteen years old, my father took the family to Washington D.C. on his business trip, and I got to experience a life in this bustling capital city of America for about two weeks. Back then, I didn’t speak or understand English well, so my mother put me in a local language school for two weeks so that I could learn and practice the language during the stay.

The first Monday morning, I went to the school with my mother. I was going to take an assessment test and then join the assigned class.

The school was located in an office building, and at the reception desk, the head of the school welcomed us. She was short in height, bursting with active energy. She was also very kind. After taking the test, she told me that I would be put in the class of Sam King. “He’s a wonderful teacher. You will like him.” She said as she took me back to the reception desk.

My mother took a leave at this point, and the head of the school (her name was Bonnie) handed me over to the young lady at the reception. Now she was going to take me to the classroom.

This lady was very kind and sweet, and somehow reminded me of my friend back home who was three years older than me. She spoke to me with a big smile as we walked to the classroom, and once we reached, she place her hand on the door and turned to me. “Are you ready?”

In that moment, two reactions came out of me. I said “yes,” and then I stopped her from knocking the door. I don’t remember how I communicated it, but I expressed my wish to knock the door myself. She understood and smiled again. “Oh, you want to do it yourself?”

Thus, I knocked and opened the door myself, and this kind lady introduced me to the teacher and to the class. Then she wished me a good luck and left.

It was such a brief interaction, and yet, I always remember the warm kindness I received from this lady. It was the kindness that saw me and acknowledged my sprout of courage at the beginning of my new adventure.