His Favourite Books

In this memory, I’m five. My two-year-old brother learns how to read, and now, he has a few favourite picture books he likes to read out loud. Whenever he is not playing with his toy buses, he goes to the backroom of our apartment and pulls out a book from the shelf.

“Nontan, let me ride on the swing!” is a phrase from the series where a mischievous cat Nontan explores his daily life with his animal friends in the forest. In this particular story, Nontan monopolizes the only swing in the playground, upsetting his friends. My brother’s voice becomes louder as the dialogue between Nontan and his friends escalate.

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle is another of his favourites. He repeats the phrase many times as he turns the pages, following the changing shape of the moon.

Thanks to my brother’s daily reading, every single sentence of his favourite books has stuck in the mind of everybody in the house.