Making Wishes to Santa Claus

This memory is from the time when I am five and my little brother is two.

Autumn deepens, and it is that time of the year again when we start thinking about Santa Claus and what we want for the upcoming Christmas. This year, I know exactly what I want. It is another toy from the Sailor Moon anime series. Specifically, the one modelled after Stallion Rêve, the elegant round object used by one of the characters to communicate with Pegasus. Ever since I saw it in a TV ad, I cannot stop thinking about it.

“Please, Santa Claus, bring me the Stallion Rêve this Christmas.”

I eagerly whisper to him every night. Because I doubt Santa Claus watches the Sailor Moon series, I make sure to give him a detailed description of the item.

“It’s that round object they use to communicate with Pegasus,” I explain. “You know, the one with the green leg.”

My brother also has a keen request to Santa Claus. He wants a toy train, like the one he has recently seen at my friend’s house. It belongs to her little brother, but whenever we visit their apartment, my brother holds the toy train and does not leave it until it is time for us to go home.

“Dear Santa Claus,” my brother’s wish is heard throughout the day in a loud voice. “I want a toy train. I’ll be a good boy. Please bring me a toy train!”

I am more discreet about my wish, but when I hear my brother’s loud wish, I express mine, too, so that Santa Claus will not forget about my request.

And my mother is always there with an amused smile, listening to us making wishes.