Memory of a movie date

In the second year of my high school, I was going to school each day looking forward to seeing one friend in my class. The presence of this friend lightened up my otherwise very sad day in the classroom, and the best moment of my day was when we ate lunch together in a hidden corner of the earth science classroom surrounded by walls of sleeping bags. Whenever I found something special in my life, I always thought of sharing it with her.

One day, as I was roaming around a bookshop near my high school, I came across an advertisement of a new movie. The title was The Witch of The West Is Dead and it was a story of a teenage girl struggling to make friends at school and spending a summer at her grandmother’s place. The moment I watched the trailer on the screen, I felt compelled to watch this movie. And I thought to invite my friend to watch this special movie together. To my delight, she agreed.

The day of the movie, we arrived early at the shopping mall where the movie theatre was located, ate lunch and browsed through a bookshop before heading to the theatre. I was extremely excited about the movie, and my friend was excited by my excitement, but perhaps she was not too certain about the movie itself. I prayed that the movie would be really as good as I had thought it would be so that we would both have a great experience by watching it.

Once the movie started, however, all my distractions were gone. I became the girl in the story, and I listened to each word that her grandmother told her as if it had been said to me. The beautiful scenery of the countryside near the mountains and the quiet and peaceful lifestyle of the grandmother were healing to me. The whole experience spoke to my soul.

When the end roll of the movie finished, my friend and I came out of the theatre and sat down on the bench outside. We were both speechless and weeping. Without words, we sat there and ate the remaining popcorns. When the popcorns were finished, my friend said that she would not have watched this movie if it had not been recommended by me.

Years later, whenever we talk about that day, we talk about our eating popcorns in silence with wet faces. To me, that explains everything that we experienced through our movie date that day.