What’s good about this music?

In late 2016, I was staying at my parents’ home in North Japan after a year of study in the UK. Just like I’d used to do in my student flat, every day, I put on my favourite music on my laptop as I worked on my daily task.

One day, I was organizing my room, humming to Adele’s album “21” blasting from my laptop, when my father passed by my room. The door was open, and the chorus “Rumour has it” echoed loudly in the corridor.

“What’s this music?” My father stood at my door, frowning. “What strange lyrics – ‘Woman has it’? Why does it repeat the same thing over and over? What’s good about this music?”

“It’s Adele!” I shouted, embarrassed. “Her songs are famous. Don’t you know her?”

“No,” replied my father. “In any case, what’s good about repeating the same thing over and over like that? Is that good music? It’s weird if you ask me.”

“Nobody’s asking your opinion!” I was now irritated. “If you don’t like it, don’t listen!”

My father left, and I continued organizing my room, humming. But that little comment lingered in the air and in my memory.