Wind on a butt

One autumn, I was visiting Italy on a solo trip and took a train from Milano to Pisa. It was my first time to take a long distance train in the country.

For the first time in my life, I saw a train with compartments like the one in the movie of Harry Potter series – a long narrow corridor on one side and many compartments on the other.

However, as I continued moving from one car to the next following the corridor looking for my seat, I came out onto a normal car without compartments. There I found my seat by a huge window. Apparently, compartments were only for the first class travellers. I was slightly disappointed but relieved at the same time as I sat down on a familiar seating.

The journey was fantastic. I was particularly mesmerized by the towering mountains that I saw as we passed through Genoa.

After some time, I felt the need to use the washroom.

I walked through the long corridor again, trying to find the nearest washroom.

Finally, I found one, and as soon as I got inside, I crouched over what looked like a toilet.

The next moment, I felt a most blissful wind on my butt. When I looked down, what I saw was not a usual toilet bowl but instead a hole. This toilet was directly connected to the outside world!

As I watched, I saw green and yellow grasses passing at a high speed underneath me. I could also see the railway tracks. I was fascinated.

As I crouched over the hole, looking at the grasses and feeling the fresh wind on my butt, I felt a most amazing sensation in my entire body. I felt free.