A chocolate cornet

A chocolate cornet is a Japanese pastry which comes with a twisted bread and a chocolate cream filling. It used to be a shared favourite of my father and my little brother.

There was a travelling bakery visiting our neighbourhood every Thursday when my family still lived in the tiny half-dilapidated apartment. It was the day my mother was at work and I was at the kindergarten, and my father and my little brother were alone at home. Whenever the travelling bakery arrived with a merry music, my brother was the first to notice.

“Listen! They arrived, Daddy!”

Then the two of them would go down the street to purchase one chocolate cornet from the bakery – one to be shared between the two.

Once back home, my father would divide the pastry into two parts. A chocolate cornet has a cone shape, and one side is wider than the other. Even though my brother was still two years old, he knew that he wanted to take the wider side. So, after dividing the pastry into equal length, my father would take the narrow one and give the wider one to my brother – but always with one trick. He would scoop up the chocolate filling from the wider portion and add it to his side before handing the wider part to my brother.