A girl who can smile with only half of her face

One summer, I became good friends with a girl three years older than me. One day, she told me that she had a special trick. “I can smile with just half of my face.” As soon as she said that, she smiled with exactly half of her face while the other half remained completely still. My eyes became round with amazement. She laughed and said that there was actually a story to it.

She was only about six or seven years old when the accident happened. She and her younger brother were playing in a square as usual when suddenly a motorbike crashed into her, injuring her face badly.

She was carried to a hospital and received an emergency surgery. After that, she had to stay in the hospital for some time while recovering from the injury wounds.

There was a boy of her age staying in the same hospital room. He wanted to make sure that she wasn’t feeling sad or lonely. So, everyday, he came to her, and said and did many funny things to make her laugh.

Half of her face was affected by the injury, so she could only move the other half. Whenever the boy came to her and made her laugh, she laughed with half of her face. By the time she recovered and her whole face was functioning again, she had mastered the unique art of laughing with only half of her face.

“That’s how I got this trick,” said my friend, and laughed again with exactly half of her face.