Story Photographs

Just like a photograph captures a physical moment, a story photograph captures a moment that happens inside our heart…

As I walked through my life as an adult, it broke my heart to realize how many moments of my life that I treasure in my heart never get the chance to be told to anybody else. Life is busy, and those moments just feel too subtle and unimportant to occupy somebody else’s time.

I’ve seen many such moments live in the shade of other people’s hearts, too.

In a story photograph, I would like to capture such a subtle but dear moment of our life in a story.

I hope that as you read these story photographs, you can also remember your own treasured moments from your daily life.

Podcast Edition – Coming soon!

My new podcast series Maiko’s Story Photograph is currently making its way to this world! Its due date is 20th November, 2021. Click below to listen to the trailer!

Podcast Trailer (Music by GoodBMusic from Pixabay)

This trailer is not yet available anywhere else. But once the subscription becomes available, this website will be the first place to bear its announcement, and you’ll be the first person to hear from me!