Eetle: the Imaginary Insect

When I was little, I had two very close friends. We grew up in the same community, and our families knew each other well. Even after we moved to different parts of the town, every summer, the three families would go on a camping trip together.

One summer, I became into insects and brought a picture book of insects on the camping trip.

“I want to catch a beetle!” I said to everyone as we got off the car and we children started playing in the woods. “Let’s find beetles!”

But the luck wasn’t with us. No matter how hard we looked, we couldn’t find beetles. That’s when I got a fun idea.

“Forget about beetles,” I said to my friends as the day turned into night. “According to my book. there’s an insect called eetle, which looks like a beetle but has a colourful shell. It’s even more rare than beetles!”

Of course, there was no such insect. An eetle was a product of my imagination. Everybody understood that except my friend’s little brother.

“Let’s find eetles!” he eagerly said with his insect net ready in his hand. “Where can I find one?”

I told him eetles liked to rest on the tree just like beetles, and they could also fly.

“Oh, it’s such a beautiful insect, you’ll love it when we find one!”

We searched everywhere for eetles and beetles, but we hadn’t found any when it was time for us to sleep.

“We couldn’t find any eetle,” said my friend’s little brother in a sad voice as we all headed to each family tent. “I hope we’ll find one tomorrow!”

We older kids looked at each other and smiled. That was the summer when we had a craze for eetles.