Face on the spoon

When I was small, I had a round stainless spoon that I used for almost every meal. It was just a cheap spoon designed for little kids, but my favourite nonetheless. Its perfect circular shape fascinated me.

Before each meal, I always took a good look at my spoon, admiring the way it was perfectly round unlike other spoons in the drawer that had an oval shape. While observing my spoon, I noticed something interesting: there was a funny face on the spoon. It looked like my own face, except that the face on the spoon was tiny and upside down.

“Is this me?”

In order to check the answer, I opened and closed my mouth in front of my spoon. The mouth of the face on the spoon also opened and closed. When I winced, the face on the spoon also winced back at me.

“But why is it upside down? I’m not sitting upside down like that!”

Then I flipped my spoon. There on the back of my spoon, I found another funny face. This time, the face was not upside down, but extremely round.

“Is this me?”

As I moved my face closer to the spoon, the face on the spoon became large, its nose and mouth alarmingly big. When I grinned, the grin on the spoon was imposing, almost filling the entire space.

That was when everybody else started eating and I also dipped the spoon into my food. But I could not forget about the two funny faces I had just discovered on my spoon. From that day on, greeting the two faces on my spoon became my habit before each meal.