Fatigue (poem)

This thing is real
When the morning comes
And your eyes open
But your body refuses to move

As you lie down in your blanket
You think about all the people
Who are already up and working
Hard work is the name of the game
You muster all the energy in your body
To crawl out of your bed

Once on your feet
You wander around the room
Going through the morning routine
But you cannot ignore

Your eyes are heavy
Your brain is foggy
There is muscle pain in your legs

You want to be productive
But your brain is totally jammed
Momentarily, it cannot even register
The meaning of the word “productive”
It is mesmerized by the beauty
Of a flock of birds flying outside of your window

Unfocused brain
Half-closed eyes
Heavy legs
These are all you have today

They are not a recipe for a productive day
But perfect for a different kind of day

Let Fatigue carry you today
Like a current
Through different colours of the day
And you enjoy the ride