It’s a small world after all

When my little brother turned two and started talking, there was one song that he loved singing: It’s a small world. At the time, my family had never been to Disneyland, but I learned to play the song on the piano while attending the local YAMAHA music school. At YAMAHA, They also gave us CDs that had all the songs we had learned in class played by professional musicians, and my mother used to play them in the evening after dinner.

I was the one who was supposed to be listening to the songs and practicing them on the piano, but it was my brother who jumped with delight whenever the music started playing on the CD player. He had been accompanying my YAMAHA lessons, and all the songs were familiar to him. He would sing along as he danced to the music, all smiley and happy, while I watched him wondering what was there to be so excited about.

Among all the songs, It’s a small world after all was his favourite. He would even sing it on his own, and whenever the song was featured on a TV program, he would run to the screen and sing along until the end of it. Such was his love for this song.