Life of Two

When she was born, she had no sibling
It was just her
As she learned to turn, sit, crawl, then walk and talk
She was always on her own with adults around her

One day, the life of one became a life of two
When a baby boy was born to the family

Her life had changed forever
Suddenly, she was not on her own anymore
She had somebody to care for, somebody smaller than her
She was a big sister now
Proud and happy

Life of two was fun
To come home from outside knowing that her little brother was waiting for her
To engage in a mischief knowing that he would follow her lead
To wake up together
To eat together
To go to bed together
To laugh together
To play together until the very last moment of the day

And then, one day
Without any notice
The life of two ended

At first, she did not realize what it meant
For a person to be gone forever
But the thing was, no matter how long she waited
Her brother did not come back

It was a life of one once again
And yet, how strange it was
To come home to find nobody waiting for her attention
To wake up by herself
To play alone and go to bed alone
How strange it was that
The life of one that she used to know now felt so foreign

Life of one and life of two are side by side
One can become two, and two can become one
It is that transient
What looks like one can be two in a person’s heart
It is that delicate, you see

Life of two