Morning Exploration and a Spider

It was another ordinary morning at a tiny half-dilapidated apartment. I was five and my little brother was two. Invited by the sunny weather outside, we went out on a casual morning exploration just by ourselves.

We walked down the staircase and stepped outside of our building. I took my brother to a large rusted empty oil drum which stood right next to the entrance. I used to call this my planetarium since whenever I pressed my eye against the hole on the top, the inside was pitch dark and I could see several shiny dots just like stars. I wanted to show this planetarium to my brother.

When I reached the oil drum, however, I saw something quite big dangling in the air between the oil drum and the wall.

“A spider!!”

I screamed and jumped behind my two-year-old brother. My brother was not surprised at all. He could have been too young to be afraid of arachnids. In any case, the next moment, he picked up a stick from the ground and swung it like a sword.

“Ei! Ei!”

He shouted like a brave warrior as he swung the stick between the oil drum and the wall. The poor spider was dropped to the ground and disappeared from the sight.

Our morning exploration was over. We ran up the stairs and went back inside. Then we told all the details of our brief morning exploration to our mother.