My brother and chocolate biscuits

This is a memory from the time when I was five.

When I am at kindergarten, my mother and brother enjoy their snack time just by themselves. In late morning, they sit at the tiny kitchen table and help themselves to two pieces of chocolate biscuits and a cup of milk tea.

My mother is always quick to eat her quota of biscuits. Within seconds, her plate is empty, and she is found sipping her tea.

My brother, on the other hand, never forgets to do the pre-snack ritual I created last year when we used to eat the daily snack together. He first places the two round biscuits adjacent to each other and sings, “Snowman, snowman, snowman!”

After that, he observes the tiny pictures of different snack items drawn on the rim of his plastic plate. He traces them one by one with his finger singing the song I have once taught him. “Which one shall I choose, let the fate decide!”

Once he has done all of this, he looks at his mother and her empty plate. A cheeky smile appears on his face as he asks her rather deliberately, “Have you eaten all your biscuits, Mommy?”

When she answers yes, my brother happily looks at his plate with two whole biscuits. Then finally, he starts eating.