My First Birthday Present

The first birthday present I remember receiving in my life was the one from my parents for my third birthday.

That day, I accompanied my mother for her shopping to the city centre as usual. We walked through the arcade stopping here and there for different errands. Then my mother took me to a MacDonald’s for lunch. She found a table for us and I sat there waiting for my mother to make an order at the counter.

My mother came back with a tray of French fries and two burgers and sat across from me. I started eating the burger, and my mother looked at me excited. Then she took out a paper bag from her backpack and placed it in front of me.

“Open it.”

She said with a smile. When I opened the paper bag, a large picture book came out. It was a picture book about different kinds of fish in the world.

“It’s your birthday present from me and Daddy,”

said my mother. It was the very first big picture book I saw in my life. Even though I had very little interest in fish (fish was my father’s love), I loved the smell of the book, and the feeling of the paper in my hand. I held it in my both arms and smiled.

That was the first birthday present I remember in my life.