Our TV Time

I am five in this memory.

When I come home after playing with my friends, there is usually some time before supper. I go to sit in front of the TV with my back leaned against the brown wooden cupboard. My brother quickly joins me, and together we watch the late afternoon programs for kids.

We have a few favourites. The first one is an English educational program called “Play with English!” A Japanese girl named Miku and an American elder gentleman Uncle Jerry teach us some easy English phrases while going through their daily routines. My brother loves Uncle Jerry and his obsession for stylish hats. Each episode ends with Uncle Jerry getting a new hat to add to his large hat collection and Miku disapproving of his secret purchase. My brother and I laugh at our favourite scene.

Then comes a program called “With Mommy!” I have kind of grown out of this one, since it is designed for toddlers, but my brother enjoys it. The main characters are two dogs, a sister and a brother. The sister loves playing soccer and always scares her brother and her friends with her powerful shoots. This is the part I look forward to most. Whenever the sister picks up the ball, I start laughing in anticipation.

It is usually during this program that my mother calls out if we want to try out some food that she is preparing. My brother jumps to his feet and runs to the kitchen, where my mother puts a piece of some cooked vegetables in his mouth.

Then finally comes my favourite program – a short anime of three ninja boys. This one is a little out of interest for my brother, but I love following the story. The three ninja boys are best friends at their ninja academy, though not very good at their ninja skills. But with the help of their teachers and friends, they successfully fight against a group of bad ninjas in the area.

When this program is over, my mother calls us for supper. Our TV time is over for today.