Waking up to a sore throat
Yes, I’ve fallen, my dear
I’m mildly sick today

The list of things I was going to do
Is quickly thrown out of the window
Today is my rest day

As I rest in my bed
I think about the world
That must be working hard, really hard

And here I am
Falling asleep in the middle of the day
Absolutely nonproductive

Just as I lie down
I catch a glimpse of the beautiful blue sky
Outside my window

What a beautiful day, I think
The world is perfectly fine
Without me moving around

Watching the world from this angle
It’s like looking at summer from winter
Aren’t they crazy to be walking around in such thin clothes?

Like that I wonder
Why are humans always so busy?
Why are they obsessed with being productive all the time?

As if I’m not a human today
As if I’m not there
I curl up in my bed

No, I didn’t do much today
I slept, I cleaned my room, and I folded my clothes
Yes, I had a good day after all