Sailor Moon Dress

In this memory, I am five years old. Currently, our life revolves around the anime series Sailor Moon. Every day, my friends and I “play Sailor Moon,” sing its songs, and draw its characters.

One day, one of my best friends shows up in a dress that looks like Sailor Moon’s costume.

“Mommy made this,” she tells us when we ask her about the dress.

That day, I cannot take my eyes off her Sailor Moon dress. Wearing the dress, she looks like the real Sailor Moon. I want the dress, too, so that I can also become the real Sailor Moon!

I tell my mother about my friend’s Sailor Moon dress as soon as I get back home. I explain to her in detail how the dress looks like the one the real Sailor Moon wears. I hint that I also want one.

But my mother brushes off my eager request. According to her, it is silly to be obsessed with such clothing.

“You already have the Sailor Moon wand and other items,” she points out. “That should be enough. You don’t need a costume to be Sailor Moon!”

But I want the Sailor Moon dress even if I do not need one. It is my grandmother who one day hears about my wish and sends me a brand-new Sailor Moon dress.

The moment I open the package, I jump with joy and dance around the house in ecstasy. I try it on and declare that I want to wear it every day.

“Of course not,” says my mother without missing a beat. “This is a special dress, so you’re only going to wear it on special occasions!”

My mother always keeps her words. The Sailor Moon dress is stored in the special section of the wardrobe, out of my reach. Every day, I tell my mother I want to wear my Sailor Moon dress, but the request is rarely heard.

My friend wears her Sailor Moon dress all the time. So, why can’t I wear it more often? I think that is so unfair, but since there is no way I can persuade my mother, I wait for the precious occasions when I am allowed to wear the dress.