Separate but shared

Inside the park
In the neighbourhood
There is a skate rink
That appears only in winter

Five thirty
After work
I’m standing on the ice
Wearing my skates, wabbly

I start moving
Pushing my left foot
Then my right foot

A little girl arrives
With her mother
They glide on the ice
Chasing each other, practicing

I hear the girl’s voice
She is learning how to skate
Yes, I am, I reply in my head
I’m learning from you

The next day
At five thirty
On the rink
We meet again

I move around
With a little more speed
Pushing my left foot
Then my right foot

My skate
Gets caught in a rut
And I fall

Mommy, she fell!
The girl exclaims
Yes, I did, I say in my head
And I’m getting right back up

And so it continues
Our skate practice
Side by side
Separate but shared